Gracie Confinement Centre Mission

It’s a magical moment when a new life is born; we see a mother’s unconditional sacrifice to her newborn, we see a husband’s gratitude towards his wife, most importantly we see happiness and love in everyone.

In Gracie Confinement, we truly cherish these moments, and that’s what we strive for. It’s our mission to provide the best environment and postpartum care to every mother and baby, keeping them safe and healthy throughout postnatal period. Enjoy the precious moment, and let us handle the rest.
In Gracie we value our guests comfort and privacy as top priority. Each room is a private suite with attached bathroom, equipped with King size bed and sofas, allowing maximum rest for mothers.
Confinement Meals
Nourishing, balanced & healthy
Our confinement meals are specially designed based on four stages of postnatal recuperation (Detoxification, Repairing, Condition the body, Rejuvenation), emphasizing on less oil, less salt, no MSG to improve the newborn mothers' immune system and remain in vitality while nursing their baby.
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A Tour of Total Relaxation and Rejuvenation.
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